Monday, February 28, 2011

A Weekend of Excitement - Cat's PJs Vintage Fashion Show

Cat's PJ's Vintage Fashion and Jewelry Show was just amazing. What a thrill to be surrounded by so much gorgeousness. Every piece was a work of art and a source of inspiration in itself. I am o lucky to have been there, thanks to my friend Kimberly Oliva of Estate Chicago. She and I showed out latest finds in our 6 feet booth taking advantage of every inch of our booth space. We had so much fun together, we made friends and even made some money. Perfect combination! Working can really be fun if you love what you are doing.

The opening night was a ball. Our booth had a prime view to the band and after having a few drinks in us we started dancing and singing. Everyone was in such a good mood and so lovingly dressed-up. Here is the parade of characters:

She was the cutest! I fell in love with her Kate Spade typewriter purse. The rose on her cardigan her purse and shoes played so well off of each other.

The owner of Vintage Underground on North Ave in his steampunk accessories.

This lady made her dress, it is a replica of a 1800's dress. Her accessories were all antique. We loved her.

Vintage Underground-I think he is the daughter- So young, so chic!

I loved the furry orange coat!

This young lady did a great job at working different eras together in her own style.

Cutest couple

And another one..