Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fresh back from Istanbul ~ Straight to Modern Vintage

Hello Everyone! I am back to Chicago and back to my blogging. YAY! I've missed it. I know you've missed me, too. *wink, wink - happy face* Even though I have been blogging for a short while, I have been recognized by some cool people I didn't know before and received compliments. I am soooo flattered! This is very rewarding for me.

Like I said, I just got back to Chicago from Istanbul and I meant to continue blogging there but the was shot down because "some really bad people" were streaming the highly monopolized soccer games thru their blogs, and -of course- the prominent cable company had to kill it all together. Just ridiculous! What about the ordinary people like me who strive to write about their experiences? Anyways, I sure will feature some of the great things I saw at the Grand Bazaar, at a later post. Stay tuned.

I am so happy to be at the Modern Vintage this weekend, together with my friend Kimberly of Estate Chicago, fabulous dealer of Vintage Jewelry. She has collected quite a few new gorgeous jewels while I was gone that I was drooling over. I have also been drooling over many many other beauties by other dealers that I will feature in future posts. I am writing this one really quickly just so that I can share my excitement with you ans YES you should definitely come visit us tomorrow!! You won't regret it: Fabulous pieces, great prices, expert dealers and delicious empanadas by two handsome Argentinian guys! Who could ask for more? Here is a sneak peek to wonderfulness. Believe me the photos don't them justice. Come see it with your own eyes! See Ya!!!

Gorgeous Models

Kimberly's Mom's Prom Dress from the 60's-a size 0

Fabulous Kimberly!

Fabulous Jane!

Come get your hat for the Kentucky Derby, the Royal Wedding or the Easter Egg Hunt.

Satin Glass Perfume Bottle by Irice

Entry to our Booth

by Nicole Hughes of Bombshell Shocked