Thursday, March 3, 2011

Visitors and Swing Dancers

The ever stylish, cool mom and jewelry designer Lisa Warick Strecker of Blast From The Past Designs, visited our booth in Elgin Show. She designs amazing jewelry using vintage pieces. You can see her jewels and like her page She looked funky as usual, in her colorful sweater, green fur scarf, her own design necklace and hipster booths. Oh, and of course, her Swaby Purse! ( You go girl!

Here, Lisa is trying to take a sip from her Vitamin Water but every time she reaches for it, I hold the camera to her face. Come on Pinar, Let the girl drink!


I don't know much about the Swing dance. I have danced tango and latin dances, before. But there was something fascinating about this couple's dance. The way they moved and communicated without eye contact, gave them and interesting sensuality. I though they were real sexy together.


  1. What an awesome feature! Thank you so much! Loving what your doing, keep up the great work!

  2. thank you for being an inspiration.