Friday, November 11, 2011

Today is 11.11.11 According to Gregorian Calendar

We are all fascinated by numbers. Even more fascinated by them if they are aligned in a particular order. Prophecies, conspiracy theories, disasters, apocalypse, they are all expected to happen on a certain day where the numbers are repetitive or sum up to a certain total. Humans love encoding and deciphering numbers. It's in their nature, we want to believe in something. We have to remember thought that calendars are man made. The date you are interpreting to be 11.11.11 corresponds to many others on any other observed calender. According to there are seven calendars currently in use in the world today.

The Gregorian Calendar is used around the world for business and legal reasons Today is 11.11.11
The Chinese Calendar is used is south east Asia
The Hebrew Calendar is used in Israel and by Jews around the world Today is 14 Heshvan 5772
The Islamic Calendar is used by Muslims around the world Today is 14 Dhul Hijja 1432
The Persian Calendar is used in Iran and Afghanistan Today is 20 Aban 1390
The Ehtiopian Calendar is used in Ethipoia
The Balinese Pawukon is used in Bali

The above mentioned calendars are still in use in our day. There are many others that are no longer used but still continue to stir conspiracy theories around the world.

here is a link to the calendar converter on web:

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