Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Barrington Arboretum Antiques and Garden Market

Last Sunday me, as Tangerine Vintage and my partner in crime, Kimberly Oliva of Estate Chicago were exhibiting at Barrington Arboretum Antique Market. It is a mini show in the heart of the Arboretum Mall in South Barrington, held only 3 times a year next one being on September 18th and it is probably the most visually enticing show in the Chicagoland. I saw some great displays and love to share them with my fellow followers.

Here are some takes from our booth:

DeLizza Juliana Demi Parure, Amber Art Nouveau Czech Glass Necklace and Miriam Haskell Pearl Necklace

Czech glass jewelry and Irice Glass Perfume Bottles


It is always a pleasure to have Diane Landry around with her great displays and fabulous taste. Check out the following shots from her booth:

Don't you love vintage signs? I do!

Diane was sharing her booth with her friend Lisa. I loved the dice filled bowl and the letters

The following gorgeousness is by the owner of the Arboretum Antique Market, Ms. Karrin Olsson-DaBoll of Steeplechase Antiques

Those Victorian Booties and the Footstools are to die for

a real Elkhorn

Those jars are amazing

This is the Fountain right next to us, which is refreshing when it's hot. We have experienced all types of weather that day. Rain and Storm in the morning, cool and windy in the late morning, hot and muggy in the afternoon. Oh, Chicago, we love you!


  1. Fabulous post...wish I lived closer as I certainly would be visiting!

  2. thank you Alicia! Like I messaged the group, we shd plan an annual ecochic-get-together!!

  3. Great photos -- thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful photos and SPECTACULAR items!