Saturday, July 30, 2011

North Shore Flea July 27

It has been 6 shows since the North Shore Flea Season Opener. July 27 aka the lucky 7th, to me was, by far, the best one. Don't get me wrong, we have fun at each and every show, cause it is our girls' night out. But this time seemed to me, like we started having an established customer base, with lots of familiar faces.
The expected storms left us fewer in numbers. But "Lucky 7" showed it's miracle and the rain passed us by. Julee of a Touch of Vintage was with us, too. Great dealers had great product. I feel lucky to be a part of such a wonderful vendors' community. Unfortunately, I won't make it to the next 5 shows, cause I'll be in Turkiye first and Brimfield after that. I am hoping to make it to the season closer on Sep 14th. Thanks to everyone and especially to Melissa Sands for making this fabulous event possible. I am gonna miss you all.

A Touch of Vintage, Estate Chicago and Tangerine Vintage Trio


Melissa Parks of Megilicutti had super cute merchandise

antique sterilizer (I want one)


C'est Moi



Paul Degen is a great guy and he is getting married this weekend.
Congrats Paul and his beautiful fiancee!

and this lighthouse came home with me along with a globe and an antique stereoscope :)


End of the night: Kim posing with the gigantic Norge wall hanging

asta la vita y'all!

Oh, before I go, this weekend is Randolph Antique Market, so be sure to make your way over there. I had a peek tonight during load-in, there are some awesome awesome stuff to be revealed to daylight and you don't wanna miss it. See ya!


  1. Wow It looks like so much fun! I love to here about your adventures!

  2. What a fabulous flea! I would love to go shopping there.

  3. Now THIS is my kind of fun! I would get lost for hours alone in that hat box! Wonderful post...great to see what all the booths look like including the neat finds!

  4. What a great post! Just like being there; you girls look lovely and so happy too. Thanks for that 1st class visit to the Flea. I love the merchandise...

  5. thank you ladies so much! I love hearing your comments!

  6. Great pics. Glad the weather was kind to you! Enjoy your travels!